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Reason #1- You Can Make Money! This reason alone should make you jump to sign on for a Tie.ly Pro Membership. Let us elaborate: Online business can be tricky so we have taken the power of Tie.ly technology and made it available to everyone for free.... BUT....

If you had the power to control each aspect of what a customer or potential client sees after clicking your shortened URL wouldn't you do everything in your power to make it possible? Sure you would...And a Tie.ly Pro Account Gives your short URL some serious power.

Imagine being able to send your client to ALL of your affiliate links from ONE single short URL. Or imagine being able to send a potential customer to ALL of your articles from ONE short URL you customized...There are so many ways to use Tie.ly to boost your income, the potential is astounding.

Reason #2- Create Custom Short URLs! You can drastically improve your conversion rates with a customized short URL. A Tie.ly Pro Membership allows you the power to create a custom short URL, (or several for that matter). Think about sending a potential client to a weight loss offer with a custom short url of tie.ly/thin, the psychological power of this is overwhelming and will sure improve your click through rating.

Reason #3- Create and Serve Your Own Text Ads! You probably already realize when a customer clicks on your tie.ly link they are sent to the pages in the order you entered them when creating the short URL. The navigation bar on the page contains 2 little text based ads which you can edit in a matter of seconds just by typing in a few lines and Earn Even More Money.

This is like your own personal Adwords Campaign without having to pay Google or trying to figure out all of the Google mystery. You now control every aspect of your cutomers browsing experience.

Reason #4- Tweet Your Tie.ly Link! Twitter is only the most powerful micro-blogging platform in the world and we have enabled you to TWEET your links directly from Tie.ly Pro Membership page.

There are thousands of people who have turned Twiiter into a serious source of income and now you can as well using the technology of Tie.ly combined with Twitter.

Reason #5- Track Your Tie.ly Link !Understanding exactly what is working and what is not, is vital to your success online. We have taken the guess work away for you. Our tracking system shows which of your links is performing and specifically which URL inside your link is performing the best...cool! We want you to be successful so we have tried to make it easy for you.

How Does Tie.ly Work? Jump Back Up

You have probably heard about the Caramilk Secret... Well we have our own secret recipe to tie all your URLs into one short URL. We simply use common short url technology with another secret ingredient to create these very powerful tie.ly links for you.

You can use it to cloak affiliate links or compress massive links in to one short url. It doesn't end there; You can then add more urls and tie them with our technology. Or imagine having 4 or 5 affiliate links to different products and as customers navigate through the link you have sent them, you will be credited with any sales from those products!

So you can shorten this url


into this


BUT...Here is where it gets even better! How about tie-ing (tying... we know how to spell but we like tie-ing) a series of long urls or any urls for that matter... into one short url. So that means this:


and this


and this




We know! Pretty cool, Now imagine the power of this technology combined with a Tie.ly Pro Membership combined with the most powerful social networking sites on the planet!

How do I use tie.ly to create a short url or short link? Jump Back Up

We have kep this as simple as possible. Simply go to Tie.ly and you will see a box with http:// in it. Start typing in there and once you hit return another box appears. Put your next url in the second box and so on, until you have all the urls you want to tie. Click GO and the Tie.ly Link will appear!

Simply click in the box with your tie.ly link, copy the link and paste it wherever you like. You are also able to preview your link or TWEET your tie.ly link right from the page.

Can I close my tie.ly account? Jump Back Up

We don't currently support closing or deleting of accounts. If you no longer wish to use the power of tie.ly you only have to remove us from your bookmarks, clear your cache, and forget our really catchy name!

How do I share my tie.ly link? Jump Back Up

You can share your tie.ly link in a variety of ways. The first is simply via Twitter right from the page you create your link on. The next is to copy and paste the link into any location you wish, whether it is via email, facebook or an article. Whichever method you choose your tie.ly link will produce results.

Can I change my tie.ly link? Jump Back Up

Nope! Tie.ly links cannot be edited. They never expire and cannot be changed. We urge you to be very cautious about the URLs you create. For example: make certain you have not put http:// twice when creating a URL. You should be certain of any custom URLs before you share them.

Can I delete my tie.ly link? Jump Back Up

We want you to be confident the links you create are not going to disappear or expire. Thus these links are permanent and cannot be deleted.

Are tie.ly links ever re-used? Jump Back Up

You can be confident users will arrive at the sites which you have tied into your tie.ly link. Each link we issue is unique and will not be re-used.

Can tie.ly links be used to spread a virus? Jump Back Up

Unfortunately there are those out there who will attempt to use the technology of tie.ly for less than desirable purposes. We work hard to prevent abuse so if you encounter anything which is abusive in nature please contact us at Tie.lySupport@gmail.com

The Tie.ly Team

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